VÍZ “Following the invitation of Mara and Mercuzio to produce something for their Nel Frattempo self_residency, I took the opportunity to create my solo project VÍZ, in which I surrender myself to the exploration of an experimental sound world. My audiovisual concept work Veils is a requiem for my father Imre, who passed away at […]


blue hour observatory When the sun is well beyond the horizon, the only light that reaches us from the indirect sun is blue. Twice a day we spend about 40 minutes in the blue hour: a time measured in colour and a colour made by time. However, light-flooded interior spaces eliminate the daily experience of […]


ENAMELPRAYER “Do you know that around the time of the suffragette movement, while it was considered “impolite“ of women to play an instrument in public, young women in the US formed all-female saxophone groups of 3,8,10, 20 people?” “most days have been confusing, aggravating. not always. when you’re down, nina simone starts to sing and […]


DREAM IS DESTINY / THE DUKE The process In these recent months we have all been led to transform our lives because of Covid-19. This brought me to rethink my work in a much more experimental way. I can’t identify myself through a well-defined style, but I’d rather prefer to adapt my works to the […]


SOPRO/PENA AO MAR When I received the invitation to participate in this “circolo” I thought it would be a good time to focus on producing my solo music, since my time is very much taken up by the collective work. I started by retaking unfinished music, small fragments of sounds, ideas of practices that I […]

rube Goldberg Massacre

rube Goldberg Massacre IDENTITY AS IMAGE.We affirm ourselves through the imposition of our image. This defines its identity. Who sees me, sees me as I am? Does the gaze define the image? Image change according to who looks at it? Is our identity unique or does it have the ability to change? If the identity […]

“Drum Solo for Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer”

“Drum Solo for Buchla 200e Modular Synthesizer” I rarely heard a more precise, sensitive, distinct, complex, dynamic and on the point drum solo than Joe Morello playing his 13 minutes solo for Dave Brubeck’s Castilian Drums at Carnegie Hall in 1963 (unfortunately only on record). Despite Morello performing with a 41 degree fever that night, […]

Lea Bertucci DEATH RATTLE, DOG WHISTLE for Nel Frattempo Residency

Lea Bertucci DEATH RATTLE, DOG WHISTLE DEATH RATTLE, DOG WHISTLE is a series of short pieces for wooden flute, field recordings taken from my window in real time, some works for tape and another piece for organ and saxophone. Lea Bertucci is a composer, performer and sound artist whose work describes relationships between acoustic phenomena […]

Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner

Bit-Tuner conversion Topic: Mood at the beginning of the lockdown Waiting for the daily press conferences with the latest figures and regulations.Feelings of standing still, paralysis, dependence, isolation, insecurity and also relaxation.The idea was to record something with live instruments, immediately, not reflecting too much and not using a theoretical approach.And in parallel to the […]