When I received the invitation to participate in this “circolo” I thought it would be a good time to focus on producing my solo music, since my time is very much taken up by the collective work.

I started by retaking unfinished music, small fragments of sounds, ideas of practices that I could not reach the state necessary to play them in day by day life and reorganizing my own sound universe too.

At a certain point, I came across a note in my notebook “Is there a wind instrument that can be played collectively by several musicians?”. To blow, to make the air to leave the mouth, to direct the blow on something. One of the most risky actions at the moment to be carried out collectively.

After almost 3 months in quarantine and with a strange feeling for being in such an individual process, without the exchange with the others, without the things that happens by chance on everyday life, I dedicated myself through imagination and abstraction to build this instrument and this collective experience in the absence of matter , raising the concrete to its symbolic meaning.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to two actions in parallel:

1. Through compositions: create an environment, even if invisible, that changes and moves, even if slowly and in the dark, with its mysteries, delicacy and small irregularities. A mesmerizing and hypnotic sound environment that reminds us that what we are given and what we bring is ours, but also belongs to everyone

2. Through action: exercise the imagination of a collective act.

The “environment” turned into 9 songs that are part of a new album, “Pena ao Mar”. The action became an “imaginative-rehearsal” for a collective wind instrument that was recorded in these photos 

I have remembered a lot of the wind, that even though it is invisible it affects all and each one of us with remarkable and different sensations.

Carla Boregas (São Paulo, Brasil)

Carla Boregas was born and raised in São Paulo, Brasil. Interested in encounters and situations that can occur through sound practices, she explores the manipulation of synthesizers, bass, pre-recorded and electroacoustic sounds with a focus on repetition, textures and sensoriality, creating immersive atmospheres and also expansive soundscapes, both in her solo work or in collaboration with other artists.

She started her self-taught path through the sound universe in 2011, when she co-founded the genre-bending group Rakta, which has several records released and performed extensively in South America, USA, Europe, Mexico and Japan.

As a solo artist, she has performed in São Paulo, Tokyo, Toronto and México City. Carla is also part of the transdisciplinary duo Fronte Violeta.

Her most recent work is the album “Linha D’Água” (Bokeh Versions/Uk) , in partnership with multi-instrumentalist M.Takara.

Lately, she has been involved in the artist-run space dedicated to experimental sounds and arts called AUTA (* 2019 † 2020). “my hands hurt a lot after two months using the computer more than usual, so last week I decided to record my sound practices on a tape recorder.”  – Carla Boregas, 2020

Photo credits
Mayra Azzi




A “free dive” rooftop session from the Brazilian experimental duo, filmed in São Paulo.
Fronte Violeta are Anelena Toku and Carla Boregas, a duo based in São Paulo who investigate the behaviour of sound in different environments via performance, audiovisual pieces, theatrical practices and collaborations with other artists. In this episode of Patch Notes, Fronte Violeta perform a special improvised session with synths, samplers and effects amongst the metropolis of downtown São Paulo, filmed on a building where experimental music and performance venue Leviatã is located.



Maurício Takara and Carla Boregas are prominent figures in the Brazilian underground. The two musicians have performed with each other so frequently that there’s a depth and fluidity that blurs the lines between their roles; Takara’s percussion pushes and pulls rhythmic explorations and Boregas fashions each sound to create and alluring glow of resonance, ASMR rustling and warm bass.


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Primeiro video de uma série produzida na capela da Fazenda Santa Esther – Amparo / SP.

Câmeras:Acauã Novais, Lydia Caldana
Áudio: Henrique Diaz
Edição: Acauã Novais
Agradecimentos: André Calvente, Cacá Amaral, Carla Boregas, Fazenda Santa Esther, João Miguel Moço, Mauricio Takara, Raphael Soares, Sarita Aristizábal