“Following the invitation of Mara and Mercuzio to produce something for their Nel Frattempo self_residency, I took the opportunity to create my solo project VÍZ, in which I surrender myself to the exploration of an experimental sound world.

My audiovisual concept work Veils is a requiem for my father Imre, who passed away at the beginning of the pandemic, as well as a body horror soundtrack in seven stages. Veils deals with the transformation and decay of the physical body and also aims at unveiling different stages of multiple realities and selves.

I felt the need to process my grief through a creative task and move through the pain in a conscious way. By reflecting on birth, death and human existence, my attempt was to release the emotional paralysis I was in for over a year. In moments of despair I found a companion in a nearby forest. The trees taught me to move slowly, to listen and to be patient. “

Veil 6 // reset. is the first preview track of the record Veils. It deals with the cleansing and reprogrammation of the self after the conceptual sense of reality collapsed.

“In the recording process I found it important to be guided by sonic experimentations and the movement of sound itself. Musically, I wished to distance myself from previous projects in order to create space for new discoveries and sonic practices. To initiate this idea, I limited myself to instruments that I barely use in my usual practice: the violoncello, that my father passed on to me, a piano, that was out of tune and which I kept taking more and more apart in the process of experimenting with it. I used my very first instrument, a Glockenspiel from my childhood, as well as a couple of synthesizers, which I added in a very subtle way. In imperfection I found beauty. It was important to me to choose instruments that have a sort of timeless sound. I also deliberately avoided rhythm. My wish was to create an infinite space of sound and layers. A space that allows the listener and myself to breathe deeply. My voice was singing for the first time hungarian words, inspired by very old transylvanian folklore lyrics, which made me discover new colors in my vocal chords. A return to my hungarian roots.

In collaboration with Radiana Basso, a dear friend and a talented young filmmaker from Ticino, we developed a psychotronic video trilogy to accompany the record, which was inspired by the concept of Psychomagia. Through the physical performance of the self, facing and reliving different stages of memory and pain  __  a new body can be formed.”

VÍZ // Veils found a home in the Switzerland based artist collective and record label BlauBlau Records (http://www.blaublaurecords.com) and will be released on the 22nd of October 2021.

Réka Csiszér (Zurich, CH)

Réka Csiszér, daughter of transylvanian violoncellists, is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer, currently based in Zurich. Moving through various multidisciplinary projects and collaborations, she aims to create concept works where music and cinematography intersect and focus on atmospheric narratives, always in search for an individual honest aesthetic. Her compositions blend soundtrack, audio-cinema, experimental, avant pop, kosmische, ambient, classical and radio art elements. For the Institute of Incoherent Cinematography (IOIC)  she regularly composes and scores live soundtracks for silent movies and since 2016 she’s been active as a performer, musician and composer for different theatre productions (Volksbühne Berlin, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Schauspielhaus Stuttgart..). Her projects have taken her across Europe, Japan and South America.







Bitter Moon //
The World Above LP

Label: La Suisse Primitive Records

Bitter Moon is veritable audio-cinema. Not simply a soundtrack to accompany a movie, but a story in itself. In «The World Above» we embark on another journey full of listening pleasure, irritations and suspense. And still it is hard to grasp what these two musicians actually do. While experiencing the musical pieces of this concept album –  somewhere between songs and sound experiments – complex atmospheres evolve and a wide array of subtle emotions find their way through our ears right to our imagination.The World Above is Bitter Moon’s first Long Player. Prompted by a chance encounter with New German Cinema, the concept album was envisioned in Bitter Moon’s winter hideout in the Swiss Italian Alps.


Bitter Moon // White Shadows Field Session

Field Session filmed for the B-Sides Festival at Cima Città in Torre / Valle Blenio.

Sorry Kassandra (I misunderstood)

A B-MOVE by Stefan Pucher & Team produced for Volksbühne Berlin.

As with many other productions that are currently being realized online at the Volksbühne Berlin, which are closed due to the pandemic, the question of genre remains unanswered with Stefan Pucher’s Sorry Kassandra (I misunderstood). Will a production that was originally conceived for the stage, then quickly converted into a digital project and finally, under very special circumstances, be recorded with the camera in rehearsal stages, stairwells, basements and Brandenburg barns automatically become a film? The answer is obvious. But what is it then? Documented theater? TV production? Nothing like that. Sorry Kassandra (I misunderstood) is a B-MOVE – an unwanted artistic evasive movement with the means of the film, which in about 30 minutes thematizes exactly what defines it: evasive movements.