The process

In these recent months we have all been led to transform our lives because of Covid-19. This brought me to rethink my work in a much more experimental way.

I can’t identify myself through a well-defined style, but I’d rather prefer to adapt my works to the context that hosts them. My pictorial research is based on 3 key elements: sculpture, animals and portraits.

“Dream is destiny” revisits historical elements of my hometown, because born out of a commission. This reinterpretation takes place using the portrait of an icon, merging it with an animal body.

“The Duke” as an artwork conceived for a group exhibition, abandons the animal element in function of the sculptural one, combining the male and female component within a single subject.

My process is in constant evolution to satisfy my research of a so called universality. Everything changes according to the images that inspire me at that very moment. I don’t want my works to be predictable or traceable.

In-depth analysis “Dream is destiny”

This piece depicts a Chimera at the center of the composition with the face of a woman and the body of a tiger.
The subject portrayed is that of the actress Emilia Clarke.
The scene captures the last rays of sunset in L’Aquila on the base of the hills where the Collemaggio basilica lies, as seen on the composition’s left.
Before the construction of the basilica, the area was reportedly home to the Santa Maria dell’Assunzione church, which was said to have given shelter in the latter half of the 13th century to Pietro da Morrone (Celestine V) as he traveled towards France to participate in the Second Council of Lyon. As tradition has it, while there, the hermit and future Pope encountered the Virgin in a dream, and together they agreed upon the construction of a majestic, new basilica on that same spot.
This painting offers a symbolic interpretation of that dream.
In-depth analysis “The Duke”

The work represents an androgynous figure covered by a blue cloak, inspired by the sculptures of Medardo Rosso.
The duke stands on a twilight landscape where you can glimpse some maritime pines as typical Mediterranean elements.
The title is a tribute to David Bowie.

DAVIDE SERPETTI (L’Aquila, italy)

Davide Serpetti was born in L’Aquila in 1990. Today he lives and works between L’Aquila and Milan.
He graduated in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts Milan (2009-2012). After a short teaching experience alongside Marco Bongiorni, in 2014 he moved to Belgium and obtained a Master in Fine Arts at the KASK – Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Gent (2015).
He has been selected as a finalist for the Komask Prize with a double exhibition at the Royal Academy in Antwerp and the Grand Curtius Museum in Liège. Among the solo and group exhibitions: Unique forms in the continuity of space, Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, 2019; Resistances, Palazzo dell’Emiciclo, L’Aquila, 2019; Where water rests, Spazio T24, Rome, 2018; ESTEMPORANEA PLAY, Trebizond Center for Contemporary Art, Perugia, 2018; KHERO, Il Crepaccio Instagram Show, Instagram, 2018; Ànimali, Spazio 16Civico, Pescara, 2018; What’s Your Poison ?, Croxhapox, Gent, 2015. Among the residences: VIR Viafarini-in-Residence, 2019; Reload, ResidenzaMuseo03, Museum of San Domenico, Imola, 2018; Symposium of Painting, Lac o Le Mon Foundation, San Cesario di Lecce, 2018.
In october 2020 he won the COMBAT Prize 2020.





© Jessica Soffiati

1. Arione
2. Clash of Jam
3. The Pure and the Damned

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Solo Exhibition at mc2 Gallery, Milan 03-06-2021

since 2020 he collaborates with mc2 gallery